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Prespa Lake

Prespa LakePrespa Lake is a lake which is shared by three countries: Macedonia (mostly), Greece and Albania. Within Macedonia, it is located in the southwestern part of the country. When we want to talk about Prespa Lake, we must start from the valley because it is the product of natural events in it and its constituent part. Prespa valley is located in the western part of ethnic Macedonia, and after divisions in the 1912/13 year., the southwest part of Republic of Macedonia. Divisions began the 1912 map., And practical field completed in 1924 .. So now the total area of the hydrological basin of Lake Valley 1350,00 km ² belongs to:

Macedonia of an area of 761,6 km ², or 56,42%

Greece section with an area of 321,6 km ², or 23,82%

Albania part with an area of 266,8 km ², or 19,76%.

The total area of Prespa Lake is 325.9 km2. (Data are read, measured, calculated from topographic maps 1:100.000 measure 1: 50.000).

Legend about the origin of the lake

In place of today's beautiful Lake Prespa, according to legend had spread widely fruitful field. Near the hill there were seven drawwells who never get frozen. Their pride was clear water for the whole valley. Drawwells evening with plugs (cifuni) are closed. At that time, two tribes fought unceasingly for the beautiful valley. The daughter of the prince of one tribe Prespa was very beautiful. It suits every night under the hill to drawwells after water. Once in drawwells Prespa saw the son of the prince of the other tribe. Their eyes met. Hearts trembled. I love birth. Since then, young people began to meet secretly. One night, the young son of a prince who was called Labid, waited nearby beauty drawwells. She rushed up, imperceptibly he drew on beauty girl, light like a deer. She rushed up, deliberately took off from seven dowel from drawwells and water elapse the gulf and along the valley ... When he saw the young man, with a few jumps blocked the Block and found face to face ... Taken up arms and went to the hill. I took a peak. We hugged and fell in love recently. Gurgling water and love playing them both young sleep. When she woke up in the early morning, before their eyes a radiant gray-greenish lake ... Until then, the guards of the two tribes have informed their princes to increase the level of water and they went on their way tribes - one went south and the other settled in the foothills of Galichica ... Labid hugged Prespa and kissing it, he said: "Now there's nothing to fight our tribes" Young married and occurred Lake, in honor of the beautiful Lake Prespa is called a neighborhood around it was named Prespa.