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Prespa region

Panorama of Prespa

Prespa is historical and geographic area in the region of Macedonia, now divided between the Republic of Macedonia, Greece iAlbanija. In geographical terms the term Prespa represents a large valley in the center houses two Prespa lakes - Big and Small. The north valley is surrounded by mountains Bigla from Galichica west, from south of Dry Mountain and east of Baba. The northern side of the area lies in the country and called Upper Prespa and covers most of the territory of the municipality of Resen. SouthernLower Prespa is divided into Mala Prespa, on whose territory the Albanian municipality Pustec and Greater Prespa, the territory of the municipality lies Greek Prespa and southern part of the municipality of Resen villages Lower Dupeni Nakolec, Brajcino, Ljubojno, Shtrbovo, cranes, gutters, Pretor , Kurbinovo Asamati, Rayjo and Potters.

Geographic Features

Prespa valley on all sides is surrounded by high mountains: to the east is the highest mountain Baba vrvPelister (2601 m) in the north Bigla (1933 m) to the west Galichica (2255) and south Gorbech (1750). The valley unnaturally divided between three countries from which the majority belongs to the Republic of Macedonia and other parts are in Greece and Albania. In the valley there are two lakes Macro and Micro Prespa Lakes waters of the Great Prespa Lake is the triangle at the Macedonian - Greek and Albanian border.


Great Prespa Lake has an area of 284 km ² with an altitude of 853 m and a maximum depth of 54 meters, is one of the cleanest lakes in the world. The surface of the lake and 65% belong to the Republic of Macedonia, 18% of Albania and 17% of Greece. The Great Prespa lake are two islands: Grand Island City (St. Peter) with an area of 1 km ², is located on the triangle of state borders and belongs to the Republic of Macedonia and also the only island state, overgrown with juniper forest ( juniperus foeditissima) several centuries old, rich with archeological sites and is protected by law as a natural rarity. The Republic of Albania is smaller island, called Little City (St. Paul). Small Prespa Lake is located on the territory of Greece and only a small part of the Republic of Albania. It has two islands: Achilles and Vidrinec. This lake covers an area of 45,59 km ² and is about three feet higher than the Great Prespa Lake. The waters of Lake Prespa mountain of Galichica flow into the lake. Lake is rich in fish, especially the Prespa carp and belvica and has iskobust, mrenka, maple and others. Prespa valley located between two National Park and Galichica actually represents an integral part of one of the national parks.


Prespa climate is temperate continental with Mediterranean influence of the conditions with fresh warm summers and mild winters nights. Fog is rare in Prespa. The average temperature in January - February was 0,3 ° C and maximum temperatures from July to August of 28-32 ° S.Temperaturata water in Lake Prespa during July-August reaches 27 ° C, and is quite comfortable for swimming.

History of the region

In today's boundaries, the region is divided among three parts, as a result of the partition of Macedonia after the two Balkan and First World War. The Prespa has an important geo-strategic position. Even during the Roman rule Prespa passing through the famous old Roman road "Via Egnatia". Besides it was built more settlements and roadside sites. One of the stations was known Skiritanija, in whose place later grew settlement Resen. Through Prespa, beside the Prespa Lake and spent another road "Via Epirica" ​​- Epirus time and Kostur time. In the VI and VII century Prespa settled by Slavic tribes tribal alliance Bereziti-Brsiaks.The X and XI century, during the reign of Samuel, Gavril Radomir and John Vladislav mentioned besides Lake Prespa lake city, capital of the first medieval Macedonian state. The city also was home to the Archbishop of the autocephalous Macedonian Church, whose headquarters was later transferred voOhrid. Here was established the first state of the Macedonian Slavs led by the sons of Prince Nicholas, four Slav prince: David, Aaron, Moses and Samuel. The youngest was named for Samuel King. Successful ruled the first Macedonian state. Samuel empire stretching from Macedonia and Bulgaria to the east all, Thessaly, Epirus and Albania to the west, to Duklja, Raska, Bosnia and Srem in the north. He ruled from 976 to 1014 years. That year he was defeated by the Byzantine emperor Basil IIvo battle Belasitza. 14000 The captured soldiers were taken out eyes, every hundredth had one eye, Samuel King welcomed them in Prespa broken and dying in pain on 6 October 1014. The state existed until the year 1018. At that time Emperor Basil II built the fortress Vasilida Petrinska the mountain above the village. Evla constants and the western part of Lake Prespa despite settlement Sirhan.In 1888 in German Village, Lower Prespa in Greece now found the headstone of Samuel parents, his father Nicholas brsjachki-Prince, his mother and brother David Ripsimija, dating from 993. It is one of the first monuments of Slavic language. Currently in Sofia Museum, probably taken in the midst of war. From that time on the island of Achilles in Prespa Lake still remaining from the cathedral church erected in honor of Samuel St. Achilles.Church of St. George in the village Kurbinovo with remarkable frescos by year 1191. represents one of the few pearls of medieval painting in Macedonia.